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About Sandra and Physio for horses

Sandra has a Master's degree in McTimoney animal chiropractic techniques. She is also a qualified Bowen therapist and sports massage therapist for animals. She works with vets to assess and treat animals with musculoskeletal imbalance, pain and dysfunction. Sandra is currently under taking further study at Master's degree level to qualify as a veterinary physiotherapist for dogs and horses.

Sandra has two horses which she rides and trains in dressage. She has managed to train one to medium/advanced medium level; the other is a new project. Like many owners she has had various setbacks and values the use of therapy to help maintain her horse's well being. She is able to apply her riding/training knowledge to understand the issues that occur for all levels of rider and horse, from advanced eventers, race horses, polo ponies, serious amateurs and happy hackers. She also enjoys working with dogs of all categories, working dogs, competition dogs and pets.

Sandra values the relationship she develops with animal owners and works closely with them and the vet to achieve better quality of movement, alleviate pain and enable the animal to return to optimum levels of movement.


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What an amazing difference Sandra has made !

Sarah Long

 London, UK

An owner must always consult their veterinary surgeon BEFORE seeking McTimoney treatment as it is illegal for anyone to treat an animal without a veterinary surgeon's approval. Most vets are aware of the benefits of complementary treatments for animals and will readily give their permission for the animal to be adjusted.

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